Sonam Kapoor Turned Down An Offer Of Tamil Version Of "Dabangg"

Bollywood mega-2010 is restored in both Tamil and Telugu. The female lead in the Telugu version is played by Sarah-Jane Dias Pawan Kalyan face.

For the Tamil version, the male lead is played by the first decision makers and Simbu Sonakshi Sinha approached the female lead. The role rejected by it, the creators looked for Katrina Kaif Kajal Agarwal and the elections. Simbu Sonam then recommended for the role and policy makers approached her, but had apparently Sonam Anil Kapoor's father him not to look to the south or in Hollywood, but now concentrate on Bollywood. So she declined the offer.

"Yes, I do not do the movie. There are so many movies that I refused to do Went amazingly well at the box office. Dabangg Tamil would be one of them. It was not, as a father that I rejected the offer, but because simply do not have dates. "

"It was a great project and I did not make an effort and makes it harder for the time," she reasons. "After the health crisis in recent years, I want my work space, doing things" aaraam see '(at a leisurely pace). I do not have to be a part of the rat race and make a 100 meter sprint everyday, "said she said.


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