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tory. Unfortunately, most viewers will probably only know him as "that girl with the amazing Spider-Man 3, whose existence has no meaning, just like the Spider-Man 3" Well, Gwen is doing fashion. How, Downey, Jr. in Iron Man, the great. As EW Nicole Sperling reported last night, Emma Stone original game love Spidey. (Yes, Emma Stone seems better suited to play with their hair red Mary Jane, but Hollywood is a Bizarro-world, and life is chaos.) Which raises the question: Who is Gwen Stacy, anyway?

Stacy was a late addition to the Spider-Man mythology, first appears as a classmate, when Peter Parker started attending Empire State University. Giving hope to nerds everywhere, Gwen is Peter Smart ridiculously attractive. (? Is not the university, like, a billion times better than high school) Most of the story of Gwen character is marked by relatively short independent film a tragedy: her relationship with Peter was in perpetual spin, with misunderstandings and bad circumstances conspired against the permanent two lovebirds. Gwen has never been a very well rounded character in the original - when you have spent a great pain, she was boooring - but he restarted the Ultimate universe, Gwen has been reinvented as a punk, semi-cool badass girl. It is highly likely that Peter will play something closer to that later Gwen Stacy.

There is also a major problem - possible spoiler alert - and the untimely death of Gwen, one of the highlights of the history of comics. (Although the story of a couple of clones, is also one of the death of comics, which has not been retconned into thin air.) There's a lot of variables at work in Spider-Man reboot, but the fact that they seem to be re-orientation of the plot is Gwen, could suggest a story more tragic.

PopWatchers, is the new casting to get more excited about the new Spider-Man? The potential of the romantic triangle that fill you with joy or fear? Personally, I'm loyal to Mary Jane, but after ten years of Kirsten Dunst, it might be time to change my loyalty.

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