Art Imitating Life: Jessica Alba Talks About Spy Kids 4

Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba, promoting his latest film, Spy Kids 4: All the time in the 4D world was a moment of life imitating art. Marissa Dawn Wilson, an international spy, is nine months pregnant when the movie starts!

Even if the weight makes the film, Alba was also nine months pregnant - she and her husband Cash Warren welcomed daughter Garner Haven earlier this week.

Alba stars in the parents of Joel McHale on the edge of a beautiful world of parenting, who knows what the other person does for a living. Alba is a spy, when McHale Wilbur Wilson is Spy Hunter.

Jessica Alba has had to take art imitating life when she did Spy Kids 4: All the time the world 4D. Marissa Dawn Wilson describes Spy Kids 4, an international spy, who is nine months pregnant when the film begins.

While the film was also nine months pregnant Alba (I even gave Alba gave birth to her daughter Haven Garner earlier this week). Alba stars Joel McHale community as parents on the edge of the beautiful world of parenthood. In True Lies meets Mr. and Mrs. Smith-like twist, no one knows what the other does for a living. Alba is a spy, while McHale is Wilbur Wilson was a spy hunter.

Spy Kids 4 represents a model for the actress who became a star with its television tower Dark Angel. The fourth film in the series is the third Spy Kids movie Alba has appeared in director Robert Rodriguez, Sin City, and after Machete.
Jessica Alba

Alba was in Beverly Hills to discuss her latest film experiment, as is the case, Alba Rodriguez, a tandem that works so well for her, and yes, what resonates in the real world through the fictional story of Spy Kids 4

Film Fanatic: Working with Robert Rodriguez has become a habit for you. What's in your game that keeps calling you back?
Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba: Growing up, we have the same cultural background. We're both Mexican-American, and we grew up with many different traditions. We shared stories about how we grew up, and they are quite similar in the way we have raised our families. We have just a comfort and an acronym with each other. We have always - and we're friends. I respect him totally as an artist. I trust him. I'm not sitting there, opposed to everything he says, fighting and arguing with him. We have no relationship. Although sometimes I disagree, most of the time, we always seem to find common ground.

A fan of the film: Robert said that Sin City 2 is almost ready to begin recording. Are you playing?

Jessica Alba: Sure!

Movie fan: You're not oblivious to the action movies. How were the physical demands of Spy Kids 4 different for you, especially since I play a pregnant woman and pregnancy?

Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba: I did a TV show (Dark Angel) 10 years ago, and it was the hardest thing ever. It 'was really difficult. Spy Kids was the most challenging, it is not. I did a little 'work on this. There is nothing more than the Angel. Strangely, I miss him [laughs]. It would be really nice to be able to do a lot of activity yet. When I have this baby and get settled, and are ready to return to work, I'm not quite looking for action movies, perhaps, Robert [laughs] - if you want.

Film Fanatic: Do you share the traits of his Spy Kids 4 characters beyond the obvious?

Jessica Alba: Well, I am a mother, so the obvious thing [laughs]. I always try to find a balance and do the best we can. Sometimes not enough. I'm not a children's mother to step, I am not a spy. Surprise!

Movie Fanatic: When you shot Spy Kids 4, were a new mother. That make it easier to eat the figure in trouble?

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba


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