Kirsten Stewart Dishes On 'Breaking Dawn' Twilight

Kirsten Stewart Dishes
Kristen is that really you? Kristen Stewart usually proud of his tom-boy image and misunderstood artist of behavior, but on the cover of the September issue of W magazine, the actress appears completely different (less shy, but very beautiful) side of themselves. Stewart most recently was worldwide fame, taking on the role of Bella Swan in a world of popular vampire series Twilight. Although his character is certainly making a huge transition from single life to marriage, Stewart, is proof of her glamorous new look that Bella is not the only one who can go through a huge transformation.

As fans prepare for the long-awaited continuation of the series, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1, released in November, Kristen dishes in some details from her marriage to the screen to a friend and idol of the real-life vampires Robert Pattinson. Stewart talks about the scenes of marriage, admitting: "It was my first marriage. It was crazy. And strange," adding, "The experience of marriage was a big deal. I tried a version of the dress, and it was like to twist and change and change and adapt and change, then that's it. "Well, you should give a nice taste of what it would be like if you and R-Patz ever decide to get married (I can hear all the girls screaming in protest). Unfortunately, all the Twi-hard-liners will have to deal with the fact that the popular franchise will end soon. Kristen admits he does not know how I would handle the end of an epic moment as saying: "I had been waiting for this time of late Bella.

I went, Oh my God, I wonder how I feel. And the last scene of the shooting was at the wedding. Each character was there on set. At the end of the day, I was a little beaten. "
Kirsten Stewart Dishes

It seems that filming the final scene of participants and long-awaited wedding of actress thought the last day, saying: "We had a scene of a more honeymoon and went to the Virgin Islands. After this scene, my real final scene, I felt I could have in the night sky and every pore of my body that are derived from light. I felt lighter than I have felt in my life. "It seems that this whole experience has had a very life changing about beauty. Not only did one of the best male actors in Hollywood, but his career seems at an end in the short term. Stewart currently filming Snow White and the Huntsman, in which she played the lead role of Snow White.
Kirsten Stewart Dishes


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