Summary Of True Blood: The Cold Gray Light Of Day

"Our human spirits are immortal ... I found my human mind against the void, and won!" - Marnie

True Blood tonight, Antonia decided to let the sun in. Which is great, I expected to get the "Meet the Sun" plot until the end of the season. Long live the good pace plotting! It is logical that, in light of the death certainish, our vampires choose to live near their loved ones. Bill and Jessica kowtow to some collage maker before a soft link in the basement (which sounds dirtier ROAD I meant, sorry.) Sookie and Eric do the same, indulging in another one of those sappy conversations assembled entirely from Livejournal icons.

Unfortunately, Tara does not feel love, as it should be a soldier without his new girlfriend. He teamed up with Marnie / Antonia, which may be a better replacement for "hunt vampires," but not "hot" category that is so essential in a relationship. Tara seems to be down by the discourse of empowerment Mantoni murder / non-sense, helped assemble an elite team of idiots the power of the spell circle. Tara said vampires killed everyone she loved, but to be honest reader, I draw blank. Jason and Sam are (relatively) well. Her boyfriend died (I agree) is eggs, and shot me with Jason, not dead. Undoubtedly, his relationship with Franklin was disturbing and terrible, but I remember running after someone, but. Does anyone remember the obvious? Or is being a little melodramatic Tara?

"We are seriously having this conversation now?" -? Alcide

To be fair, it was a melodramatic episode on all fronts, with the entire sequence of the vampires themselves in the basement and crying and all that. The new hug Eric is good, but the dialogue is embarrassingly corny. Maybe next week I will compile a list of appointments and mingle with some of Edward in Twilight, and let's see who can tell them apart. It also gets the funniest moment of the episode, Sookie have sex all the way to your door. Most likely there is a very confused boy scouts in the woods for a "vampire birds and bees" talk. Perhaps a "birds and mosquitoes" to speak. Who knows what deliberate damage your love life is the cause?

For example, Eric and Sookie sexual adventures is a gap in the ratio of Alcide and Debbie is still fragile. After his bar mitzvah werewolf, going back into the woods comfortably small to ensure that not having killed Sookie. Instead, they stumble in their glowey sex scene, which led to some performance anxiety in the future. Okay, Alcide, everyone can not have sex scenes with a soft focus Neko Case-BO. Just do it properly.

"I wish I could forget all this fucking thing about you." - As the public Sat.

Sun gets a nasty surprise when their progress toward the moon are rejected because of Tommy Sexytime change form. Fortunately, the elite team that was the figure below, Luna went to take a lot of showers, Sam returns to fight Tommy. Tommy says that the change in the way it was an accident, it was, but it's not like the penis into the vagina accidentally fell moon.

Lafayette, Jesus, and, finally, Brujo Grampa left behind, but not before confirming that witch mean that Lafayette can not speak, and the spirits of the dead channel. Contains the ghost of a woman that he has infant Arlene around, singing in French, and generally worrying.


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